Concern with breed-specific component of Bill 128: SPCA

The SPCA is speaking publicly about Quebec's tabling of legislation targeting dangerous dogs.

Bill 128 aims to ban pit bull-type dogs.

The animal shelter's Alanna Devine told the Aaron Rand show there are things she agrees with in the bill.

"We do think that there needs to be across the board preventative measures and measures to address dogs that do actually show aggressive behavior or bite everywhere across the province. So that in of itself is a positive thing. Obviously, what our deep concern about is is the breed-specific legislation's component of Bill 128 that was tabled" said Devine.

Devine added she hopes experts can convince the government that the breed specific measures, as she put it,  "fly in the face of science and expert opinion". 

The dog types in the bill include pitbulls, rottweilers and certain cross breeds. 

The SPCA is legally challenging similar measures announced by the city of Montreal.