Concordia bomb threat suspect arraigned on charges

The 47-year-old man arrested on Thursday morning in connection with a threat made against Concordia University now faces three charges.

The charges against Hisham Saadi include uttering threats, mischief, and committing a hoax regarding terrorist activity.

Saadi, who is currently being detained at Bordeaux jail, appeared in court via video conference Thursday afternoon. He returns to court Friday for a bail hearing.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, police descended on an apartment on Darlington Ave. in Cote-des-Neiges that Saadi had apparently been subletting. They found no weapons or explosive devices, but the entire building had to be evacuated for nearly an hour.

On Wednesday afternoon, classes were cancelled at two buildings at Concordia University, the Hall Building and the EV building, after a letter arrived suggesting that bombs would go off at the buildings unless "Concordia decides to ban Moslem activities".

The letter also contained a litany of complaints against Muslim students.

The threat came during Concordia’s Islamic Awareness Week. Display tables had been set up in the lobby of the EV building.