Concussions can trigger behavioural problems in young children: study

If your young child suffers a concussion, you may want to watch out for signs of any behavioural problems that it may trigger - even months after it happened.

Montreal researchers say they have found a link between them.

Lead researcher Miriam Beauchamp who works at Ste Justine Hospital said little scientific attention has been paid to pre-schoolers who can suffer concussions more often while playing or just climbing and jumping around.

Beauchamp said their study showed that more behavioural problems are reported in children under six years of age following a concussion than kids who didn't have one and this, even six months after the injury - from internalized changes such as anxiety and depression to internalized problems.

"Impulsivity, demanding more attention, not listening to rules as well and being frustrated or having anger," said Beauchamp in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Beauchamp said it's important to watch out for these signs to help treat your child. 

"Also to remind parents to take care of themselves and just be aware that there are resources out there to help them manage difficult behaviours if need be," said Beauchamp.

The study was published recently in the magazine Psychological Medicine.