Conservatives vanquished governing Liberals in 2017 fundraising race

The federal Conservatives blew past their governing Liberal rivals in last year's annual fundraising race -- in donors as well as dollars.

Annual financial reports published on the Elections Canada website show the Tories raised $18.84 million from 94,786 contributors in 2017, outflanking the Liberals by nearly $5 million.

That's compared with the $18.25 million the Conservatives raised from 82,662 donors in 2016.

For their part, the Liberals raised $13.89 million from just 64,444 contributors, compared with $17.18 million from 82,285 donors the previous year.

The 2017 numbers from the NDP have yet to be posted; Elections Canada says the party has been granted an extension on today's deadline. In 2016, the New Democrats raised $5.39 million from 26,754 donors.