Convicted pedophile living near Plateau children's playground: report


A convicted pedophile from Nova Scotia is apparently living in the Plateau Mont-Royal near a children's playground, a splash pad and a soccer field.

The Chronicle Herald reports Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh, 76,  has a Montreal address listed on a Quebec court document signed by him in April.

The address on St. Joseph E. is a block away from St. Michel park.

Macintosh was sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually abusing a boy in Nepal in 2015.

He is expected to appear in Montreal court next month on a charge of failing to report that conviction.

Macintosh's convictions of abusing boys in Nova Scotia in the 1970s were overturned by a higher court ruling that the time to bring the case to trial was too long.

Parents in the Plateau neighbourhood expressed concerns to CJAD 800 about Macintosh living there.

"We're afraid of what could happen to her," said one dad about his daughter.

"I believe we as parents are very careful to watch around us so with someone around who's a bit shady, it's still worriesome," said one woman at the park.

The Chronicle Herald said that there are no restrictions on where Macintosh can live, according to the crown prosecutor's office in Nova Scotia and Quebec.