Couillard government to blame for Highway 13 fiasco: poll

For the last three days, it seems everyone has been pointing the finger at someone else for all those stranded cars on Highway 13 during this week's big snowstorm.

A Leger poll done for TVA and the Journal de Montréal shows an overwhelming majority of Quebecers are pinning the blame squarely on the Quebec government in general, and transport minister Laurent Lessard in particular.

The poll surveyed more than 500 Quebecers in the days following the storm, and more than half of respondents — 60 per cent of them — say the transport ministry is mainly responsible for the mess by failing to take timely and decisive action. A further 20 per cent, meanwhile, blame the public security ministry.

13 per cent blame police.

Respondents to the poll appear to single out transport minister Laurent Lessard, in particular — 83 per cent suggest Lessard failed to do his job, and 48 per cent think he should resign.

74 per cent say they're not satisfied with the work of public security minister Martin Coiteux.

People were a lot more split on Denis Coderre's performance during the crisis. 37 per cent say they were satisfied with the work of the Montreal mayor, while 39 per cent weren't.

56 per cent of those polled say they believe the inquiry called by the Couillard government will identify those responsible, while 33 per cent do not.