Could there be a witness to a fatal incident in Lachine?

It's being called a suspicious death and police believe there might be a witness.

There was a fatal fall involving a 35-year old man on New Year's Day in Lachine.

Police said a white van was on Provost street near where the body was discovered and its hazard lights were on. 

It's believed this person may have seen something that'll clarify what really happened.

"Investigators say the man's head wound does not necessarily correspond to a wound a person would get from falling on a hard surface, like ice. They are investigating whether or not he was harmed or killed. And after a command post was set up, police did get some very helpful information", reported CTV's Max Harrold.

Anyone with information about the van is asked to call Info-Crime at 514-393-1133. 

Results of an autopsy may be released on Friday.