Court says Angell Woods off limits

Another legal chapter today in the saga of Angell Woods, the last remaining old growth forest on the island of Montreal.

Yale Properties, the private firm which owns 40 per cent of the Beaconsfield property, has won a court injunction blocking a group dedicated to its preservation from encouraging trespassers to circulate on it.

Beaconsfield mayor Georges Bourelle says the ruling respects the principle of private ownership of the forest.

"It confirms that we acted correctly in handling the situation with the Yale Property and also confirms that we respected the right of private ownership for the property, " he tells CJAD 800.

The 210-acre forest is nestled between highways 20 and 40 on the West Island. 57 percent of that land is privately owned.

Environmentalists and conservationists have fought for years to keep parts of the land from being developed.