Court sentences man who didn't tell wife he had HIV to four years in prison

A Quebec man has been sentenced to four years in prison, in part for not disclosing he had HIV to his ex-wife.

François Courcy had pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, admitting that for three years he had sex with his then-wife without telling her about his HIV status, or that he had hepatitis B

The former spouse was never infected.

Courcy was also sentenced on Friday for a series of sexual assaults committed while he was a teenager.

The 47-year-old man asked the court for leniency, pointing to his fragile health. He said he has also battled cancer.

Legally, HIV-positive Canadians must disclose their status to a partner before any sexual intercourse. 

Advocates including the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network say the law marginalizes those with HIV rather than deterring unsafe sex.