Court upholds woman's conviction for refusing to hold handrail

The Quebec Court of Appeal has ruled that a woman who was ticketed for refusing to hold the handrail of an escalator at the Montmorency Metro station eight years ago will have to pay the fine for violating a transit corporation (STM) by-law.

in May of 2009 Bela Kosoian was approached by a transit officer who told her to hold the handrail.

She refused, and then refused an order to present her ID.

Kosian was arrested and fined $420.

$100 for refusing to hold the handrail and $320 for obstruction of justice.

In court documents, the Journal de Montreal reports, the judge ruled that Kosian was the author of her own misfortune because she could have simply complied with the officer who had first warned her, and was doing his job,  and challenge the matter in court at a later date.