Coyotes keep animal welfare officers on their toes

Montreal animal control officers say they don't know why, but there are definitely more coyotes around this year than ever before.

And, there have been more incidents of contact between the animals and humans.

Six people have reported being bitten this summer.

La Presse reports that in all cases people were bitten in the lower limbs, including one person who was bitten after he chased a coyote.

They normally hunt small game such as ground hogs, raccoons, and mice, but this year three dogs were attacked including one that was left badly injured and another small dog that was carried off by a coyote and never seen again.

Most of the incidents have happened in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, but animals have also been spotted on Papineau, Saint Michel Boulevard and Notre-Dame Street and sightings have also been reported in Kirkland and Pointe-Claire.

15 coyotes were captured by trappers this year.

Eight were released into the wild but seven animals had to be euthanized.