CSMB admits LaSalle School did not have working CO detector

For more than two months the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board has insisted the Ecole des Decouvreurs Elementary school is LaSalle was equipped with a working carbon monoxide detector at the time of a major gas leak that sent 35 children and 8 adults to hospital.

The day of the incident the fire department said there was no CO, which the school quickly said was not true and that the detector was tested in October.

Last week Radio Canada published a maintenance report, dated October 25, which said the school did not have a carbon monoxide detector. It added there was a methane detector but it was not functional and not actually hooked up to the school's central alarm system.

On Monday, the School board sent a letter to parents of students and staff members of the school saying there was a device that could detect the toxic gas, but it wasn't equipped with a sensor that would make the device capable of actually detecting carbon monoxide.

Following the incident the CSMB installed a new industrial-style detector and the province's Education Minister decreed all schools must be equipped with harmful gas detectors and they are to be inspected annually to ensure all sensors are functioning properly.