CSN wants CAQ to change stance on immigration

One of Quebec's major union groups, the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), says it's planning to lobby the CAQ government to change their stance on immigration.

Jean Lortie, the CSN's secretary-general, says Quebec needs more immigrants, not fewer.

"(The CAQ) wants to cut down on immigration levels, which CSN disagrees with profoundly," Lortie said. "We need more immigrants in Quebec. We have jobs for them. We need to integrate them to the French Canadian culture, but there's jobs for them."

The group held a press conference on Friday, where they outlined their goals for 2019. They included dealing with worker shortages, job creation, environmental issues, and contract negotiations for public and private sector workers.

The group is disappointed that the CAQ did not commit to abide by the greenhouse gas reduction targets of 2020.

"This is a government that is rather moderate on the environmental issue," said CSN president Jacques Létourneau.

The CSN plans to renegotiate several public sector with the provincial government throughout 2019.

It also plans to negotiate a new collective agreement for federal corrections offices with the Canadian government.