Cycling fines could rise 533 per cent under proposed rule changes

Quebec cyclists could soon face fines over five times higher if they don't obey the rules of the road.

Proposed changes to the Quebec Highway Safety Code in Bill 165 would have fines for infractions such as not having reflectors or not stopping at a red light start at $80. Currently the minimum fine is $15.

Cyclist safety and advocacy groups want the government to pull the brakes on increasing fines for cycling infractions.

"I think it's nonsense that a cyclist with a missing reflector will get a $80 fine whereas a car driver with a malfunctioning headlight will get, I think, something around a $60 fine," said Alain Deschamps, a member of Ghost Bikes Montreal, a cycling safety group that installs bikes painted white at locations where cyclists are killed in road accidents—as memorials.

Councillor Marianne Giguère, who is responsible for cycling issues for the City of Montreal, called the proposed fines "exaggerated in terms of the dangerousness of the offence."

"The City of Montreal asked that the cost of the fines be reduced," she wrote on Twitter.

The National Assembly is expected to vote on an updated version of Bill 165 in the coming weeks.