Cyclists, pedestrians now have to share a stretch of St. Charles Blvd.

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Cyclists are now able to ride on the sidewalk for a 1.4-kilometre stretch of St. Charles Blvd. in Beaconsfield.

The change came earlier this month on St. Charles, from the Highway 20 interchange to the city limits of Kirkland, after cyclists complained that sharing the road with motorists was far too dangerous.

Beaconsfield's mayor, Georges Bourelle, says in allowing cyclists and pedestrians to co-exist, cyclists will have to travel at safe speeds and give priority to pedestrians, or face fines.

"If cyclists do not respect the pedestrians — if they go to fast, or bulldoze pedestrians, they will be fined," Bourelle told CJAD 800.

He added that setting up a dedicated bike path wasn't an option on the perpetually busy stretch of St. Charles.

Jeff Hoather lives just off of St. Charles, and even before the change in the rules, he would use the sidewalk, because of the dangers of riding on the street.

"Cyclists on sidewalks is not ideal, but I feel like that's the better option than having them on the road," Hoather said. "If you're on the road, it's too cramped anyway, with just three lanes."

CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour contributed to this report.