Cyclists, Plante administration unhappy with proposed fines for scofflaws on bikes

Cyclists, and the Plante administration, aren't too happy with changes to the Highway Safety Code, which will boost fines substantially for certain cycling infractions.

Under the terms of Bill 165, cyclists who burn stop signs will be subject to an $80 fine.

A fine for missing a reflector would be $80, up from the current $15.

Marianne Giguere, the Plante administration's point person on cycling, says that while she agrees that some of the fines should be hiked for those who don't follow the rules, she suggests some of the rules aren't "logical" for cyclists to have to follow.

"Even during the day when [a reflector isn't] useful at all, if the police follow the rules, you could be fined $80," says Giguere, citing an example of one of the "illogical" rules. "This is a bit weird."

Giguere also suggests the rules forcing cyclists to make a full stop at an intersection is another example — saying making a so-called 'Idaho stop' is harmless enough in most cases.

Several groups went before the National Assembly last month to talk about what they liked and disliked in the legislation, with Velo-Quebec calling for measures to force drivers to pay more attention to cyclists.