Dawson students and teachers rally against Bill 21

Protests continue to roll out against the CAQ government's proposed law banning religious symbols at work for public sector workers and civil servants in positions of authority.

Dawson students and teachers rallied during the noon hour at their school, with posters plastered on the wall behind them with messages such as, "Teachers teach, we don't preach," "My hijab, my right, my choice, my life," and "Stop Bill 21."

The Day in Support of Religious Freedom was organized by the Dawson Student Union and the Dawson Peace Centre.

Last week, students at Westmount High School and Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School held similar demonstrations. Sunday saw a protest march organized by an anti-Islamophobia collective led by controversial Imam and activist Adil Charkaoui. 

More protests are set for Friday and Sunday.

Here are some sights and sounds of the Dawson rally courtesy of  CJAD 800's Shuyee Lee: