DDO man ordered to pay neighbor $1 in court case involving a pile of tree branches

A Dollard des Ormeaux man will have to pay his neighbor a symbolic $1, after leaving a pile of branches on a small patch of grass that belongs to the neighbor.

The neighbor in question, Adel Dimitri, had sued the couple in small claims court for $317, claiming the branches led to his lawn getting yellowed.

The Journal de Montréal reports the story begins in the summer of 2017, when Robert McCrindle cut some branches on his property and laid them out on a patch of grass near the street, like he does every year.

But, it seems, part of it belonged to Dimitri.

Meanwhile, the branches stayed there for about a month and a half before the city took them away, and during that month and a half, the grass underneath had dried up, and become infested with vermin.

Dimitri asked McCreadle to replace the grass, which he never did, despite a court order.

In the end, the court found that while leaving the fallen branches there for a month and a half was 'excessive', there was no permanent damage to the grass.