Demolition of old Highway 15 means 24/7 noise for nearby residents

Some residents of Cote St. Paul say they're just about done with the Turcot demolition job — just as it's edging toward completion.

They live on Roberval St., a street that's hard up against where the Highway 15 runs, on one side of the De La Verendrye exit.

Residents there have had to live with round-the-clock noise from the demolition, along with the dust wafting in from the old concrete highway.

Across the street from the rows of duplexes and some backyards, Transport Quebec is trying to mitigate some of the noise and dust coming from where the old highway was, by creating a sound wall of shipping containers, stacked four high.

"The other option was to move everybody out, to hotels and stuff like that," said one resident, Max, who spoke with CJAD 800. "That's what I heard. And I think nobody wanted to, so what can they do? They just had to tear it down."

Transport Quebec says the demolition job is expected to be 97 per cent complete by the summer.