Denis Coderre opens up about his election loss

For the first time since he went down to defeat in last fall's municipal election, former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has spoken about coping with the unexpected loss.

Coderre was frank and emotional during an interview on the TVA program Conversations Secrètes. He says the defeat shocked him, but he'd already been emotionally rocked by his final months in office, when criticism rained down in relation to the Formula E race. 

He says he was wounded by the words of his critics. 

He was also emotionally devastated by the arrest of his son Alexandre on fraud charges, relating that he felt he was a bad dad.

He adds, however, that his son has turned a corner in his Internet addiction, and the two are closer now. 

The former mayor also nixed the idea of a jump to provincial politics, saying he won't be getting involved in the Oct. 1 Quebec election.