Denis Coderre promises commemorative centre for Irish famine victims

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre promised that if re-elected, he'd build a commemorative centre for the 6000 Irish famine victims buried near the Victoria Bridge.

Right now, a huge engraved boulder dedicated to those Irish immigrants - the Black Rock Memorial - lies on a median on a busy stretch of Bridge St.

Coderre said the centre would be built across the street on land where Hydro Quebec will be constructing a substation.

Coderre made assurances that despite that , the centre would be designed and built in respect of the victims, including possible green space.

Coderre said the current memorial boulder would be moved across the street or they would reconfigure Bridge St. for more access to the Black Rock Memorial which would cost $10-million.

Coderre could not provide an estimated cost for the project but promised it would be built by 2022.

Members of Montreal's Irish community have long been asking for a proper memorial.