'Denver Boots' still a big moneymaker for Montreal

You might not have realized that the city of Montreal still uses Denver Boots to immobilize cars belonging to drivers who fail to pay traffic fines, but it does — and they were a big moneymaker for the city in 2018.

La Presse reports the steel devices have helped the city recuperate close to $880,000 in outstanding fines.

The online news outlet reports the Plante administration is getting ready to give a new contract to a company called Remorquage Meteor, so it can put Denver Boots on more cars for the next three years.

The city considers Denver Boots effective in forcing drivers to pay their fines — a city document shows 83 per cent of owners end up paying their fines in full, while another 10 per cent manage to negotiate a payment arrangement with the city.

The Denver Boot made its first appearance on Montreal's streets with much fanfare in 1983. The city stopped using it in 2009, thanks to budget cuts and the high cost of towing vehicles, but started back again in 2011 when Remorquage Meteor got its first city contract.