Despite online backlash, the Gay Village balls will be gone after this summer

The beloved Gay Village balls will dangle for the last time over Ste. Catherine St. this summer. 

The artist who came up with the concept says despite the outcry from Montrealers, it's time to take down the iconic instillation.

"I never thought it was so much like this, people love it!" says landscape architect Claude Cormier.

Despite moving in the public imagination from street decor to city icon, he says it's time to take them down.

"Our position here is to leave it to younger generations," he says. "They have talent, their values may be different then ours, and just to keep it fresh."

He says they've already been up for seven years longer than he first intended, changing from pink to a pastel rainbow for Montreal's 375th anniversary, and he doesn't have much interest in pushing that any longer. 

By the end of September the balls will be removed. Cormier has no plans to hang them in other cities but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the last that Montreal will ever see of them.

"That doesn't prevent us from doing a comeback in five years," says Cormier. "Like in music, retro music is big... so maybe in five years we do a comeback, why not?"