Deux Montagnes train users want their day in court

An interesting development if you take the Deux Montagnes train.

After last week's announcement from Junior Transport Minister Chantale Rouleau on measures that will be taken to ease the travel time for those affected by the upcoming disruptions - a group of angry commuters has decided to put in a request to file a class action lawsuit against the Quebec government.

In a post on a Facebook group called "Mouvement/Rally Train Deux-Montagnes" a user explained that a class action suit is well underway. 

Someone involved in the suit told CJAD 800 they will be meeting with lawyers on Monday to finalize the final details. 

Last week Rouleau announced the train will stop at Bois-Franc station starting in 2020 and commuters will be forced to take a shuttle to Cote Vertu Metro until 2021. This means some will see their travel time double and even triple in some cases. 

To add insult to injury, what was not mentioned was Cote Vertu bus terminal and station will be closed for about three months in the summer of 2020 for development work on a new subway underground garage.

The announcement left the more than 30,000 commuters who use the train to get downtown feeling discouraged and completely neglected.

In the meantime, you can show your frustration at a demonstration on April 1 at Gare Centrale. The details are on the group's facebook page