Did Mike Pence write the NYTs anonymous op-ed?

Was it Mike Pence in the Situation Room? John F. Kelly in the Oval Office? Mike Pompeo in the Roosevelt Room? Everyone wants to know who the lodestar can be.

After the New York Times published an anonymous bombshell op-ed blasting U.S. President Donald Trump, said to be written by a "senior" Team Trump official, everyone has been trying to guess who could be behind the pen that put words to paper.

While it may not be the next "Who shot J.R.?" there's still plenty of internet detecting going on, and one word in the letter is being singled out as the possible proof of the op-ed's author.


A line in the letter calls the late Arizona Sen. John McCain a lodestar "for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue."

It's not a word used very often, unless you happen to be Mike Pence.

Audio producer Dan Bloom managed to track Pence using the word lodestar on a fairly regular basis since 2001. Some of those references have been put together into a video now being widely shared on social media.

The word though could just be a wild goose chase, as one White House official was once quoted by Axios saying White House leakers will use words and phrases they pick up from other staff members in order to throw others off their scent.

Regardless, Mike Pence is the going favourite on gambling websites.