Did you drink over the holidays? Want to go dry for a month?

Some Montrealers are taking part in what's called Dry January.

That's when you don't consume alcohol for the entire month after drinking during the holidays.

Dr. Ronald Fraser, head of the MUHC's in-patient detox services, tells CTV going dry can help people reflect on their drinking habits.

"If I'm doing Dry January and I don't make it to January 5th, that may give me pause and make me reflect on my relationship with alcohol,” he said.

88 per cent of respondents to a British survey said they saved money by abstaining, 71 per cent said they slept better and 58 per cent said they lost weight.

In Canada, alcohol kills more people than opioids, but it's perceived much differently.

“Historically we've used mood-altering substances to help us unwind and that can be okay, but as you sometimes see, there's a glass of wine and then there's a goblet of wine,” said Fraser.

For those who suffer from a form of alcoholism, he added that a single dry month probably won’t have any large benefits.

In fact, going cold turkey could pose a threat to their health, ranging from withdrawal to possible death.


- With files from CTV News