Disability pension denied due to applicant's prolific online activity

Quebec's Régie des Rentes has denied an Abitibi woman disabled status because, in its view, her online activity demonstrates her ability to work.  

Jeannie Hewitt has been a prolific Facebook and YouTube poster in recent years.  

The Régie compiled a 32-page document detailing her online activities, many of them devoted to causes related to the plight of disabled people.  

She tells the Journal de Montreal that it's true she spends hours each day on the computer and doing paperwork, but that doesn't mean she is capable of holding down a full-time job.  

She says she suffers from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia as well as chronic diarrhea.  She says the need for frequent naps and bathroom breaks rules out full-time work.

 The former teacher has applied for disability benefits three times and with this latest rejection, she has resigned herself to supporting herself doing freelance translation.