Disturbing graffiti found on Plateau buildings

The Montreal police hate crimes unit is investigating some disturbing graffiti was scrawled on several buildings on Laurier St. in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.

Surveillance footage shows an individual spray painting one of the messages on the side of a bar shortly before 3:00 A.M. Tuesday. The video though is too grainy to help with identifying the suspect.

Whoever it was did not stop there, as more hateful graffiti appeared on several other businesses and homes. 

The suspect wrote 'Save Richard Spencer,' 'Hail Warski' and 'Jean-Francois Gariepy - King of the World.' 

Spencer is an American white supremacist leader, Warski could refer to an alt-right Canadian YouTuber and Gariepy is a white nationalist originally from Quebec.

Montreal Mayor Valerine Plante called the words deplorable and said police are also looking into tips from the public that a Montreal man was looking for people to join a neo-Nazi group.

"They're investigating and the way that people responded to that by finding out who that man was. To me, it's the right way of doing it, so this is why I feel good that Montrealers are definitely against that type of attitude," she told CTV Montreal.

The graffiti comes after a Montreal Gazette expose that said a prominent neo-Nazi blogger was living in Montreal and a man waved a swastika flag on top of a condo building during May Day protests.