Do not consume advisory for bagels sold at DDO shop

There's a do not consume advisory for bagels sold at a West Island shop.

Quebec's ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food (MAPAQ) says the bagels were sold by Saint-Jean Bagel at 3702 boulevard Saint-Jean in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

The ministry says the advisory involves the different varieties of bagels sold by the store.

The bagels weren't prepared and packaged in a way to ensure they were safe to eat.

The bagels were sold up until February 6.

The bagels were either packaged in a paper bag as ordered by the customer or in a plastic bag sold in the self-serve area. They had no labels.

The ministry says even if the bagels don't look altered or have a suspect odour, eating them could present a health risk. But it adds that no one has reported being sick from eating these bagels at this point in time.