Doctors aim to improve access to specialized services

As the provincial electoral campaign will kick off in the coming weeks, the Quebec Federation of Medical Specialists (FMSQ) have put forward plans to make specialized medical services more accessible.

One month before Quebecers take the polls, the FMSQ will roll out measures aimed at improving access to services like general surgery, neurosurgery, internal medicine and more. 

New measures that will come into effect in September will include extending operating hours of CT scans and MRIs, using an online platform to evaluate the pertinence of medical services for patients, and facilitating the use of teleconsultations between medical specialists and patients.

These measures are part of the second phase of the FMSQ's action plan that is expected to be carried out until 2023.

But with the possibility of a change in government, that agreement may come undone in the next couple of years.

However, Dr. Diane Francoeur, president of FMSQ, said she isn't worried once voting day rolls around.

"Why do we need to start fighting on October 2nd?" she asked.

"We want to collaborate, we don't want to fight, I think we're much better when we collaborate," she added.

Collaboration is the message Dr. Francoeur said she wants to send.

"We will collaborate with whichever government will be elected," she said.