Dollard-des-Ormeaux dep spreads the love, offers free hot drinks for the needy

You've heard about merchants giving away free food or beverages to help the needy.

At least one West Island merchant would like to see it become a trend.

The family that runs the Provisoir store on St. Jean Boulevard in Dollard-des-Ormeaux said they were inspired by a downtown merchant who was offering free meals to anyone in need.

Marché Ferdous on Ste Catherine Street West had put up a sign on their door saying that people without any money are welcome to eat for free.

"It's amazing, I think every store should do it if they are able to," said 28-year-old Johnny who helps out his parents in the store.

"You should give back to the community, especially your people in need."

So the DDO business followed suit with their own sign saying that people with no money are welcome to a free hot beverage. It was a frigid day when the first person benefited from their offer.

"He came in, he had about $1.20 if I'm not wrong, or maybe less And he was, I'm missing something but I really need a hot beverage. I'm like, Hey, it'll be our pleasure, don't worry about it," said Johnny.

It's not something they see a lot of in their store but...

"Every so often somebody would come in, they're missing change. You can't just say no. If somebody needs bread or a bag of milk or something, you help them out," he said.

Since putting up a sign about their offer, they've helped out around eight people over the past two weeks.

Younger brother Moses said their message is simple.

"Thank the community for supporting us, that's all. And I think everybody should do this and we should all come together as one," said the 26-year-old.

"I don't know how to explain it, you would have to give,... you should try to give one time and don't expect (anything) back, and you'll see the feeling that you'll get, there's no words for it."