Dollard parent says he'll be ticketed if he volunteers for crossing-guard duty

Dollard-des-Ormeaux parent Ronnie Peretz can't understand why police won't hire a crossing guard after his son was nearly hit by a car on his way to Westpark Elementary school.

Situated on the busy Westpark Boulevard, he says there more than enough traffic and kids around the school to justify the safety measures.

"People come out, come in, do U-turns, it's not a quiet street," says Peretz. "Someone was backing up, he didn't look he just went through and almost ran over my son."

He says even the principal of Westpark elementary has written letters requesting a guard, and other parents are also concerned.

"I don't know if 1 crossing guard is sufficient for 500 and something students." says parent Lauren.

"It is a bit of a hazard as you can see there's tons of cars going by," says parent Alison. "It's not like this only in the morning it's like this in the afternoon as well."

Peretz believes the police are aware that there's a significant risk to the children's safety.

"They give tickets like candy to people here," he says. "It shows you that the place is a zoo... but I believe it's a question of budget."

He says police tell him a minimum of 15 children must use the crosswalk on a daily basis to justify a crossing guard. 

He says he offered to do crossing duty himself - but was told that could earn him a ticket because he's not qualified for crossing duty.

Montreal police have not returned several calls on this matter from CJAD.