Don't forget: Seasonal parking restrictions back in effect

Sunday may have been April Fools' Day but this is no joke, seasonal parking restrictions are back in full force.

This means the next time you're out and looking to park your car you'll need to be aware of the day and time that spot is restricted. You'll also need to watch out for bike paths.

Also to keep in mind, fines for poor parking are going up.

The restrictions will be in place until December for most parts of Montreal, though several boroughs end their season in November.

You can find more information at the city's website.

The good news, the city knows multiple signs telling you can and cannot park between this pole and that but only on a Tuesday when the sun is shining with exactly four clouds in the sky can be confusing.

Starting in the coming weeks a pilot project in Saint-Laurent and Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve will look to streamline the signage so it can be easily understood by both Montrealers and those who may not frequent our streets.

All the details have yet to finalized but so far it's not clear in English will be included.