Donald Trump disrupts G7 women's empowerment session by showing up late

Donald Trump created a distraction this morning when he showed up late for the G7 meeting on women's empowerment.

The U.S. president arrived several minutes after the start of the breakfast meeting between G7 leaders and the gender equality advisory council that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created for this year's summit near Quebec City.

Trump missed Trudeau's introductory statement at the meeting and entered the room while council co-chair Isabelle Hudon, who is Canada's ambassador to France, was speaking.

His arrival was impossible to miss. Security personnel had to open a path for Trump through a mob of journalists, many of whom were holding large cameras.

Trump's fellow G7 leaders watched him as he slowly made his way to his seat, which was across from Trudeau and next to International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde.

The president has made a lot of noise at this year's G7 event in La Malbaie, first by launching a Twitter attack on Canada's trade policies before the summit and then for suggesting that Russia be invited to re-join the alliance.

The summit ends later today, but Trump is set to leave early, missing the discussion on climate change and protecting oceans.