Dorchester Square viewing location opens for Grand Prix

The city's new Grand Prix hub in Dorchester Square was proving popular during Saturday's qualifying rounds. 

The square was set up this year for the 50th anniversary of Formula 1 racing being held in Canada, and features a big screen showing the qualifying rounds and the big race.

Metcalfe and Peel streets are also blocked off around the square to make room for food trucks, pop-up bars and a host of family-friendly activities. 

On Saturday afternoon, the area was abuzz and many in the square were visiting from outside the city.

Perry Harrison, visiting from Minnesota with his wif,e said he was impressed with the city's set-up for the Grand Prix - mostly. 

"The crowds have been pretty amazing, but walking around is not a big deal. I'd hate to be driving though."

Amidst the tourists were a few Montrealers, including Alexander Colchek, who brought his in-laws from out of town to see the celebrations.

"It's always nice to see the city bustling...everyone talks about the Grand Prix, and you have to do the Montreal thing."

But Colchek admitted that he didn't care for all of the festivities.

"It's good for the city, I know it brings in a lot of money but if you like waiting in lines outdoors in the sun, it's definitely the place for you...I will not be waching the race, I'll be eagerly waiting for the hockey game."

The Dorchester Square hub will remain open until the end of Grand Prix events on Sunday.