Dorval Swim Club hosts first sanctioned meet in years

After many years off people's radar, the Dorval Swim Club - a long standing institution in the Dorval community - is hosting its own provincially sanctioned competition today in collaboration with the Fédération de natation du Québec. 

In its second year at the newly built Dorval Aquatic and Sports Complex, the swim club aims to make this competition the first of many, which will put the Club and the City of Dorval in the spotlight again as a viable part of the competitive swimming scene. 

The competition showcases the growing club, its strengths and potential to possible sponsors and spectators from Dorval or neighboring boroughs.

Training at the new aquatic and sports complex gives the swim team an opportunity at rebirth; to rebuild a club that two decades ago had won team championship meets and sent swimmers to national and international-level competitions.

"It's a critical step for the club to demonstrate renewed potential, but also its viability on the competitive swimming stage," said Dorval Swim Club board member, Josie El-Kahi. "Not just as a visiting team, but as a host as well," she added.