Downtown hotel taking city of Montreal to court over late night noisy roadwork

A posh downtown hotel is seeking an injunction against the city of Montreal over noisy roadwork it claims is ruining business.

The Hotel Birks on Phillips Square says in its documents filed in court that the late night roadwork on Ste Catherine Street is waking up its clients.

It alleges the work often goes on past 10 p.m. and even past midnight, with the noise and vibrations keeping their clients from sleeping - it cites one example of 23 complaints in one night alone.

The hotel claims it's had to make it up to hotel patrons with discounts and room upgrades.

The hotel says that it's tried to negotiate with the city and the contractors Eurovia and Axor - who are also named in the request - to stick to the bylaw that bans construction work after a certain hour but to no avail.

The city modified the bylaw in December allowing the late night work for the revamp project.

Lawyers for the hotel argue in their injunction request that it's unreasonable, causing harm and inconvenience to their client's business and reputation and raising concerns about loss of clients.

With the roadwork slated to last a year or more, they want an immediate end to the late night work as well as a permanent order to respect the original noise bylaw.