Driving in carpool lane with kids or someone with no driver's licence is allowed: Transport Ministry

If you drive in the carpool lane with your young kids, Quebec's Transport Ministry says you are allowed to do so.

A West Island mom got a $169 ticket last week for doing just that on des Sources Boulevard in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

Stéphanie Émond had said that the police officer who issued the ticket told her that her young daughter didn't count as a passenger because she didn't have a driver's licence and the purpose of the carpool lane was to get more cars off the road.

Quebec Transport Ministry spokesperson Mila Roy told CJAD 800 News in an email statement that the Highway Safety Code doesn't have any special requirements for carpool passengers - it's only the total number of occupants in the vehicle that counts and that is determined by the posted signs.

As for police, Roy said they do have a discretionary power under certain conditions as outlined by the courts but they don't overrule the Highway Safety Code.