Elections Quebec shouldn't merge Outremont, Mont Royal ridings: Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand

Elections Quebec may have changed its mind about eliminating the Ste Marie-St-Jacques riding in the eastern part of the city.

But it's also changed its mind about the Outremont and Mont Royal ridings, and decided to merge them as well as change the boundaries of the D'Arcy McGee riding, also in the west end of the city.

And that has the city of Montreal up in arms.

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre says merging Mont Royal and Outremont is unacceptable because it diminishes the political weight of Montreal.

City councillor for Snowdon and interim leader of Coalition Montreal Marvin Rotrand said the changes would affect many parts of his district.

"We don't want to lose representation on the island of Montreal. We're under-represented as it is," said Rotrand in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Rotrand said it's also quite the coincidence that all the largest ridings have significant anglophone and allophone populations.

"There are people who say that it does dilute the voice of anglophone and allophone Quebeckers," said Rotrand.

Rotrand is tabling an emergency motion at the next borough council meeting in CDN-N.D.G. asking the decision be reversed.