Emma and William top baby names in Quebec

What were the most popular baby names in Quebec last year?

Emma and William came out on top for the fourth consecutive year,  according to government statistics.

William is the number one boy's name for the sixth year running. Thomas was off the list for a year but is back in fourth place. Edouard is getting popular, coming in at 9th place.

For girls' names, Emma and Lea still lead the pack, though Lea slipped to 4th place. Alice was number two, followed by Olivia. Charlie is becoming a new favourite, coming in at 5th place after spending a few years in the bottom of the top ten list. Livia is gaining traction, leaping from 21st place to 8th.

Top 10 girl's names:

1. Emma
2. Alice
3. Olivia
4. Léa
5. Charlie
6. Florence
7. Charlotte
8. Livia
9. Zoé
10. Béatrice

Top 10 boy's names:

1. William
2. Logan
3. Liam
4. Thomas
5. Noah
6. Jacob
7. Léo
8. Félix
9. Édouard
10. Nathan