EMSB closer to taking legal action on overcrowding issues

On Wednesday the English Montreal School Board provided parents with an update for the ongoing negotiations with the pointe de li’lle school board on overcrowding issues in the east end, mainly in St Léonard. 

EMSB Chair Angela Mancini told parents the CSPI is not interested in cohabitation, a popular resolution amongst parents, committee member and even Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge.

Committee members are now saying this might be time to consider this could go to court.

“We can’t go back and forth forever” said parent commissioner Andrew Ross.

EMSB spokesperson Michael Cohen told reporters there is nothing set in stone but “if the government makes a decision on June 10, some commissioners have indicated that’s an area they may want to go into.”

Chair Angela Mancini reiterated later in the evening that it could be a possibility the board will take legal action.

“I certainly did not want to go the route of a legal battle, but if we’re left no choice we may have to look at that.”

Meantime frustration amongst parents is beginning to show. Many of them saying the EMSB has not done enough to save English schools. Some questioning whether or not it’s time to reopen the Bill 101 argument. 

The education minister will make a final decision on June 10.