EMSB prepared to fight proposed religious symbols ban

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The Premier is calling for calm ahead of his government's tabling Thursday of legislation that is expected to ban religious symbols for public servants in positions of authority, including teachers and police officers.

Premier Francois Legault is hinting at compromises to get the most support possible for the controversial bill.

The English Montreal School Board meantime, unanimously passed a strongly worded resolution Wednesday night saying it would not support or comply with a proposed ban.

Chairperson Angela Mancini tells CJAD 800 that the board values and promotes diversity.

"Students should be able to see that (diversity) within their school, within their classroom," she says.

In a statement, the EMSB says it has never received a complaint from a student or parent about a teacher's wearing of religious headgear or religious symbol.

"We have teachers right now in our schools, and principals, that are wearing religious symbols.  It hasn't had an effect on us, " says Mancini.

The resolution doesn't spell out how the board would fight the ban, but Mancini says it will use every tool at its disposal to see that the law isn't applied at its school board.