EMSB votes to relocate the Galileo Centre

After a heated debate at a special meeting on Tuesday evening, EMSB members voted eight to four in favour of transferring the Galileo Centre over to the Comission Scolaire Pointe de L’ile.

The idea to relocate the adult education centre to St Pius X  has already been denied by Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge on several occasions.

EMSB Chair Angela Mancini voted against the proposal is unhappy with the outcome. Macini has been vocal about cohabitation over relocation.

“Please listen to the parents. There are many that want cohabitation and they want to be able to help out,” said Mancini

 “I am hoping he will listen so we do not lose three of our buildings.”

Roberge warned the EMSB he would take three schools away from the English board if a better option wasn’t presented. Mancini argues that by going ahead with the proposal, the school board will lose its negotiation powers. Meantime, Vice-Chair Joe Ortona disagrees.

“We are offering the CSPI the most possible space in one location, which is more than what they would be getting in those three schools,” said Ortona. “I think we are demonstrating good faith and I think we’re showing that we’re willing to give them space.”

The Galileo Centre is home to about 140  adult education students, those with special needs.

The board also unanimously voted in favour of offering the rental and eventual sale of a small vacant daycare building located in RDP that the EMSB owns but is currently unoccupied as well as a temporary rental of a vacant EMSB school located at Henri Julien and Cremazie.

The minister is expected to make his final decision on June 10.