Enabling the disabled to enter the workforce

A Montreal-based non-profit has been training people with intellectual disabilities get jobs.

Since 1977, Coforce has been building the strengths and knowledge of intellectually disabled people. 

Jean-Francois Rioux is the organization's accounts and partnerships manager. 

He told CTV Montreal that Coforce sees workers for their potential, not their problems. 

"They will find that people find a difference in them and there will be some stigma," he said. 

"The main thing is to help enterprises that have a problem, (a labour) shortage, to have them come to us and ask how we can help," said Rioux. "We have many solutions for them."

The organization currently has 300 workers.

Most of them are doing manual labour or custodian jobs.

They're taught skills they need so they can be employed by other companies.

Chun-Lun Lee has worked for Coforce for 25 years, completing a variety of tasks like making folders for dentists.
"I like my job very much, because I’m at my own pace," he told CTV Montreal.

With files from CTV Montreal.