End of Michael Gero trial: justice not served, says family of Sherri Thomas

Yesterday CJAD 800 News told you about the murder trial of Michael Gero being halted because the crown no longer believed that he did it so they withdrew the charges. The family of the victim is not taking the news well.

"Everybody, all her friends and family are pissed off," said Sherri Thomas' godmother, Patricia Sorgente. She said the news came as a bombshell.

"Three years ago they could have prevented all this pain and stress towards us as a family because if they had enough evidence at the preliminary hearing, why now after three years, there's not enough evidence?" said Sorgente in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

"Everybody thinks there was enough evidence. We're just not understanding what went wrong here."

The crown advised the court last week that they could not proceed with the trial and closing arguments because they no longer had the moral and rational conviction that Gero shot and killed Thomas, 19, at their NDG apartment in 2013.

Sorgente said Thomas's grandparents sat through the entire process from arraignment to the two week trial.

"We went through all the trial so at this point I consider they should have let the jury do the decision," said Sorgente.

Sorgente says it's little comfort Gero was behind bars for three years and pleaded guilty to weapons offences.

"For the murder of Sherri, justice was not served," said Sorgente.

"We don't have answers."