English teachers call contract omission unfair and discriminatory

Two teachers with Quebec English language schools, who are also mothers, have spoken out about a contract omission they say can have a severe impact on families.

Thay said  they don't have the same rights as French sector counterparts, referring to taking time for family reasons.

The complaint is agianst the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers for failing to include a family responsibility clause in their agreement. 

"They say without this clause, teachers in the English system are struggling to deal with issues such as disabled children, ill partners, or elderly parents. They say without a work family clause in their contracts, they're not being given the same time or support they need to deal with these responsibilities as teachers in the French system", reported CTV's Aalia Adam.

Adam went on to say some teachers have to work part time or take sick leave.

There's a plan to file a discrimination complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission if the clause isn't added.

There was no reaction yet from the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers.  

The teachers describe the omission as unfair and discriminatory.