Eva app launches as competitior to Uber in Montreal

It's official — Uber now has competition in Montreal's ride-hailing market.

Eva, a Montreal-based co-op, began operations on Monday after nearly a year and a half of preparations. Its bosses say at least 6,000 people have downloaded its app and created accounts, and more than 100 drivers are signed on to drive Eva vehicles, with plans to train hundreds more.

The process by which you hail a ride of Eva is similar to Uber's process, but there are several differences in the way the company operates — as a cooperative, it allows their drivers a greater share of each fare than an Uber driver would, and allows them more of a say in how the company is managed.

"Eva would only take 15 per cent of each ride, while Uber takes 25 per cent, and at the end of the year, if there's profit, the profit can be shared by all members," Dardan Isufi, one of Eva's co-founders, told CJAD 800 in January, not long after his group received long-awaited approval from the province's transport minister.

He also said the technology used by the service would be based on Blockchain, which means Eva won't store your personal data, or sell it to a third party.

For now, the service is operating only in the Montreal area, but it's planning to expand operations to Quebec City and Gatineau by 2019.