Ex-premier Bernard Landry gives support to embattled Bloc leader Ouellet

Former premier Bernard Landry is giving his support to Martine Ouellet as she fights to keep her Bloc Quebecois leadership.

The ex-Parti Quebecois leader says that Ouellet has shown her strength throughout the recent turbulence within the Bloc.

Ouellet has been on the defensive ever since seven of the Bloc's 10 MPs quit in late February because of disagreements over her leadership style and political objectives.

She has agreed to a confidence vote by the Bloc's 20,000 members but has stated she will remain as leader as long as she receives support of 50 per cent plus one.

Landry quit as PQ leader in 2005 after receiving only 76 per cent support from party members.

He says his decision to quit with 76 per cent cannot be compared to Ouellet's desire to remain with slightly more than 50 per cent because the two cases are different.