EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of bronze vases stolen from graves at Dollard-des-Ormeaux cemetery

Shameless thieves desecrated hundreds of grave markers at the Rideau Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home in Dollard-des-Ormeaux last month by stealing the bronze vases attached to them, CJAD 800 News has learned.

"Over 300 bronze vases that are a part of our bronze flat memorials were stolen from our property," said Dustin Wright, director of communications and marketing for Arbor Memorial Inc. 

"It's extremely upsetting and we feel terrible for the families."

The thefts happened April 9.

Wright said roving security agents have been in place since the thefts a month ago.

"With having such an open space comes the challenges of also making sure that it's secure from vandalism," said Wright.

Wright said they've handed over video surveillance tapes to police.

Wright said it's the first time such a theft has happened there.

Station 4 commander Eric Lapenna said it's the first such theft he's seen in DDO in five years. 

Lapenna told CJAD 800 News it appears the thieves scooped up what they could and returned the next night to pick up the rest.

"They fled before the security could pick up any details on the people," said Lapenna.

Lapenna said such goods are usually sold for scrap metal and quick cash.

"It's not a very paying system so that's why I get that this is not a very common crime," said Lapenna.

Montreal police said there have been no reports of any such thefts in the rest of the city.

Wright said they don't know how long it will take to replace the vases, adding that they are "really working with (the families) to provide alternatives to their vases." 

Wright said the clients would have to pay to replace the vases but "under situations like this, we work very closely with our families to make sure that we can find a solution that works for them short term and long term as well."

Wright said they've even tipped off scrap yards about the thefts.

"We're just hoping people come forward who are responsible for this and just return the items," said Wright.

Anyone with information can call 9-1-1 or the DDO police station at 514-280-0104.