Expect lots of traffic at the border as Quebec's construction holiday ends

As if traffic in and around town isn't challenging enough, Sunday marks the end of the two-week construction holiday in Quebec — and that means thousands of people will spend the day returning from their cottages and vacation spots.

Many travellers, of course, will be coming back from the U.S., and the Canada Border Services Agency says it's putting extra staff at its major border crossings to handle the expected flood of people looking to cross back into Canada.

Every year, this is one of the busiest weekends at the Canada-U.S. border — particularly the period between 2 p.m. and midnight on Sunday.

Officials at the CBSA are urging those coming back to be prepared for their arrival at the border, in order to make the crossing as smooth as possible.

They're urging travellers to check the CBSA's web site for the latest information on wait times, to prepare their travel documents and receipts from things they've purchased abroad, and to make sure they understand exactly what they can legally bring back.

Travellers who've been gone for more than 48 hours are legally allowed to bring back $800 worth of goods duty-free. Those items must be declared upon inspection, and it remains illegal to bring cannabis products back across the border.

The CBSA is also advising that some American products have been subject to an additional duty as of July 1st.

Last year's construction holiday saw no less than 15,000 travellers returning to Canada from the U.S. during the weekend.